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 about the artist 

Born in Tehran and having lived around the world, Babak Koravi is a UK based artist who has been developing his own unique style of painting since he was a child, aside from his other talents that range from fashion design to interior decorating.


Although never formally trained in the craft, Babak learned to utilise various types of paints and media in a unique way that did not follow or adhere to any classically recognised conventions or styles. His work predominantly consists of oil on canvas, but his signature often lies in the hidden details and three-dimensionality of his pieces. Babak likes to experiment with mixed-media on his pieces as well as oil, and his work is now a part of celebrated collections around the world. 



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"I paint what I see with my heart, not what the world sees with its eyes."

- Babak Koravi

 his private collection 

As an artist, Babak believes in appreciating the value of art and objects for the hidden stories that they reveal. 

When he is not busy creating art, Babak travels the world collecting unique pieces to add to his vast collection of antiques and artworks by other artists who inspire him.

Among his collection, some of the most simple pieces are his most prized possessions. 

One of the artists who most inspired him as a child was the great Salvador Dali. "Having original pieces by Dali to connect with unites me to Dali's soul and his universe," Babak says.


Among some of his other favourites are the 17th century beautifully illustrated Quran owned by the Great Emperor Jahangir of the Mughal Empire. The work features incredible gold illumination and some of the finest calligraphy work of the period.  

Babak also loves to collect pieces from his homeland and from the far East, as exemplified by the Great Lion of China and the Portrait of a Sasanian King carved onto stone from the Sasanian Empire, which once ruled his homeland of Iran.

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"I feel that objects tell stories, and when you are near them,

you can travel through time with them."

- Babak Koravi

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