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"The paintings are experiments of shape and visual vibrations balanced on the delicate ideas that bound gentle emotions able to transmit hidden romantic and poetic messages."

- Christopher Rosewood 

International Confederation of Art Critics

Babak Koravi's exhibition at the Chanciano Art Museum is reviewed by the International Confederation of Art Critics. 

Babak Koravi - Critical Analysis

Babak Koravi is an extremely talented abstract artist from Tehran, based in the UK, who utilises a wide variety of mediums to conceive and convey a refreshing and wonderfully unique style that does not follow or fully adhere to any classically recognised conventions or defined artistic movements.

The preferred medium is oil on canvas, often augmented and enriched with less conventional materials, and the compositions are themselves a complex experiment in shape, form and texture. Babak’s individual style is able to instantly capture the spectator’s interest through boldness of colour and powerful movement before introducing the viewer’s eye to a calming and graceful journey of subtle yet intense feelings. There is soft continuity to the work in terms of structure and form albeit he is able to convey diverse artistic ideas in each composition.

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Babak’s expressive brushwork is highly distinctive and in fact provokes immediate intrigue in the viewer while simultaneously transmits a delicate affinity with instinct, passion as well as intellect. When first viewing Babak’s work, on primary analysis, the forms and movement radiate a sense of life and being thus attracting the spectator to ponder deeper meanings. The principle element that provokes interest is the eloquent choice of colour and shape that, in turn, solidifies the connection to the title of each painting and communicates the artist’s great imagination and thinking process. The compositions are stimulating and attractive to the eye yet innately calming and the colours of the artworks generate curiosity thus inclining the viewer to stop and ponder.

In relation to art history, Babak seems to draw inspiration from the movement of abstract expressionism and shares a creative process with artists of similar caliber. Parallels can be drawn between Babak and Willem de Kooning, as well as Clyfford Still in relation to certain elements of brushwork and depth of movement seen in the paintings. There is also some inspiration from Pollock himself in the use of visible application of colour and the ability to capture and immortalise profound emotive reactions through meanders of tone that translate into structure. The expressive spotinatity of the artistic invention shares philosophical ideas with Pollock and in the same sense a shared expressive journey, albeit Baback seems to adopt a more contemplative and reasoned approach to composition. It can be argued that there are clear conceptual links to the ideas of artistic creation with an emphasis on expression and colour that pleasantly reinforce the connection with american expressionists.

Babak is a storyteller of dreams painted in the language of pure emotion, instinctive brushstrokes and evocative textures come together in an exciting and stimulating narrative of primordial messages. Simultaneously, Babak has the rare ability to provoke a spectator to take time to reflect while he touches upon the subconscious pillars of our inner thoughts. His works can be interpreted as mirrors to the cosmos of our inner desires through which we can identify and navigate the stars of our mind. In addition, the artworks are remarkably joyful and Babak is, in fact, a very talented artist whose work transmits a powerful satisfaction and sense of completeness.

The paintings are experiments of shape and visual vibrations balanced on the delicate ideas that bound gentle emotions able to transmit hidden romantic and poetic messages. There is a particular suggestiveness in Babaks creative process and a magnificent component is the juxtaposition between artistic approaches contained within single artistic conceptions. Babak Koravi is a great talent able to coincide colour, composition and inherent movement with a wonderful romantic element that transports the observer to serenity.

- Christopher Rosewood

International Confederation of Art Critics 


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Museo d'Arte di Chianciano Terme
Viale della Liberta' 280
53042 Chianciano (SI)

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"Refreshing and wonderfully

unique style"

- Christopher Rosewood 

International Confederation of Art Critics


"L'art de Babak Koravi transporte le spectateur à travers un univers divers qui nous laisse jamais sans avoir exploré la beauté et la complexité de la condition humaine."

- A. Hasan

Directeur Créatif de PAIFMA

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